The Awakenings

Note: This was written 5 days ago, but being out in the desert has left us all without interent and access. Also note that the images posted here are NOT final images, they are like sketches in a sketch book. The Portfolio for Jordan will contain my final work when it’s done.

Rumor has it that upon awakening in a new place, the spirits of the dead find you to see through your eyes.  The amazement itself, of being able to see comes through, enabling visions through the eyes of the ancients. Did you ever notice how familiar things feel, if only for a moment, when you wander in a new place, especially upon awakening?

This morning, the eyes of ancient spirits were mine as I emerged from a deep and silent sleep that only comes after being awake more than 24 hours.  That was my gift. After taking care of the body and checking equipment, we drove only for a few minutes and were taken to the Caves of Irac Alameer. On the surface, they were dead and empty, boring to most. By I heard a voice asking me to look deeper, so I did. I watched the walls and saw the lives lived and the people who came and went. The spirits of those past thousands of years in the past.

Caves of Irac Alameer

I also saw the water as it raged through these caves eons ago, violently carving their signature along the way, never lingering, always moving and taking with it the spoils of lives past. All was washed clean and only those beings who loved those caves dwell forever, still.

Shortly after, the visions begin to subside, the walls recede back to the way others see them and I go because my work here is done. Yet the experience never fades and the spirit beings who befriend me are grateful for my hospitality and leave me with the feeling of gratitude that lasts forever.


Castle of the Prince

On to the Castle of the Prince, also in Iraq Alameer, the ancient castle lay in ruins. The tales of lovers and crimes are whispered in the wind and it snakes through the fragile spires, which are all that remain of the now derelict structure. Only the sky can see all of time as the flow of humanity moves through this now silent monument.

This 1st day in Jordan separates me from my own past, living just in this moment, I see only now. I am happy.

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