The Cleansing

Jordan is a desert country, dry and arid most of the year. Several time a year and if luck has it more than less, the cleansing takes place. Hard, pounding rains visit and unremittingly clear the physical debris, and calm the soul to make way for life. This was one of those days, our journey between places when The Cleansing was welcome to all but a few visiting photographers who wished for dry but cloudy days.


Sunrise in Amman

To a landscape photographer all skies have a natural beauty. Our stock and trade is contrast and color. So rain is not terrible unless it’s so hard you can’t even take your camera out, but every day brings gifts when you are looking for them. I want to show you a few of my gifts today.


Between the Rain

As our bus spun roadway to a constant drone of the tireless diesel engine, we moved awkwardly, damp but determined to be where there’s beauty. This country for all its strife and hardships is nothing if not magnificent in its grandeur, which she most generously shares with all who appreciate.


Fire in the Sky

Even as today is a travel day, we still made sure to look… and see what was there for us to find.

This day as always ends in a blaze of glory and leaves it’s signature on a perfect canvas; the endless days punctuated by the light show in the sky. Every night, it’s different because every day is too.

Note: I am still behind in posting, this is from last week, I will keep posting until I am caught up.

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