The Ancients

Before there was a United States, before there were separate countries dividing the middle east, before there was any form of transportation other than animal, there lived a thriving ancient culture in a place called Petra.  Up until it was discovered by the western world in 1812, it lay hidden, unreachable by any but the creatures who roamed the desert sands and the local bedouins who kept its secrets locked up for centuries.

The Sacred Candle Ceremony at The Treasury

The Sacred Candle Ceremony at The Treasury


To this day, the Treasury is a sacred place and is celebrated with a special candle ceremony once a week. The Bedouin single-stringed instrument echoed within the stone walls, awakening a hidden presence in everyone who made the 1 mile trek down hill.

And for me, for the 1st time in this lifetime, I found Petra though the lens of my camera and the miles of walking into the layered canyons dropping and rising around 1,000 feet into the air.  Maybe the most extraordinary part for me was the peace I felt in the presence of ancient sounds sitting in front of a building carved in stone more than 1,000 years ago, in total dark, in total silence.

During the day, Petra is a collection of locations that show the life that once populated this bustling city. What is left today is only what has been found so far, so much more is being excavated daily.

The King’s Tomb

The awe I felt entering this space was overwhelming at first. Finally as I adjusted to the surge of emotions as I opened to the illuminations in this space, some visual some not, I resonated with the tones, the colors, the natural beauty.

The path to this part of yourself is different for all of us, this is the one I have found for myself, luckily I spent this time with others who love to be immersed in the history and environment of  far-away beautiful places. I am so glad to be here.

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