The Museum

If you’ve ever been to Monument Valley in Utah, you know what it’s like to drive into the visitor’s center and catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful natural earth formations ever created. No one will deny the power of this place. Until today, I thought it was the only such place in the world. Actually it is, but there’s another that rivals it in splendor and magnificence and I am here to show you what I see.

We stay in tents and we sleep in the cold, only a few hours of electricity to charge our batteries and light to arrange our sleeping space. Then the generator sputters to a halt and the balance of nature is restored for the night. The critters scream, the birds nesting in the stones behind us, all signaling that it’s not our time now, it’s theirs.  But before the final cough of the ancient generator patched together with spit and string, the sky once again illuminates both the electric world and the dark side to co-exist in for people to dwell.

Captains Camp, Wadi Rum

Untouched for a million years by man except to briefly rearrange the shallow surface, returned back to what it was by the force of nature: howling winds and occasional driving rains, this place is a literal museum that spans miles. The monuments here, formed eons ago, tell their own story of flow; water, wind and air. Each one leaves a story written in stone, to be read and interpreted by anyone lucky enough to gaze in amazement at the size and scope of this place. It’s a photographer’s dream.


Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum near Mushroom Rock

Sunset at Wadi Rum

It’s night time now, time to sleep if you can, time to dream of those you left behind and all that is happening in the world… or not.

Good night.

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