My Iceland January 2013 Portfolio is Ready.

My last day in Iceland was in one sense, my most productive in that I made one particular image that is, in my opinion, the best of my trip.

REMINDER: The images in these blog pages are sketches, low resolution versions and in many cases unfinished versions of what will be in the Portfolio when I publish it.

It was at a place we dubbed “Pebble Beach” because the ground was covered with small, smooth stones. There were some amazing natural shapes which, as luck would have it, were complimented by the cloudy skies, the approaching sunset and the ominous shapes of the natural stone formations.

Tolkien Small

Even a pair of sea bird¬†cooperated long enough to make the exposure, hovering over the tallest two peaks. I had to pay those birds extra to hang still but it was worth it ūüėČ

In addition to the beautiful seascape I made here, there were other less interesting images from that same day. The following morning, we headed back to Reykjavik for dinner and sleep, the next morning scheduled for our flight back home. That morning, we ventured out into the cold wind to photograph the Lutheran Church; Hallgrímskirkja. The outside images benefited by the overcast skies, the inside images were enhanced by the deep blue clouds visible through the windows.

Go take a look, click Portfolio at the top of the site, then you will see Iceland 2013. I hope you like what you see. I had way too much fun hanging out with my friends Karen and David in Iceland to come home with my treasures I am sharing with you here.

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