Iceland in Winter

Reykjavik-9The Dismal City

Every time I go to Iceland in the Winter, we start off in Reykjavik, the largest city in the country. It’s always dreary here, yet there’s a cosmopolitan atmosphere and an amazing array of gourmet restaurants. Yet even with the dollar as strong as it is, the prices are still high. But the flavors; unique and pungent are worth the price and the experience.


This trip no different, winter in Reykjavik, cold, dismal, roaring winds strong enough to lift a small animal. Along with the flash hail storms, the cloudy demeanor, and the piercing rain, there’s still an odd beauty about this place that draws me back.

Who is this? Is this the Icelandic Man raising up from the ancient volcanic mud, or the weary visitor going home.

Who is this? Is this the Icelandic Man raising up from the ancient volcanic mud, or the weary visitor going home.

Jet lag is a way of knowing that I am on an adventure, somewhere far, somewhere uncomfortable and many new images to be found. It’s always a time to think, to consider the life I created the love, companionship, friendship, and work I have waiting for me at home. That’s the first day, it’s just part of the jet lag experience.

Finally, a Good Meal, A Place to Rest

Fish Restaurant in ReyjkavikIt’s not always the scenery that warms the heart of the weary international traveler, it’s sometimes the delightful restaurants where magnificent treats await for slow and appreciated consumption. Tonight we revisited Fish Company in the heart of the city, below the sidewalk in a cave designed to keep the cold and swirling exterior as far away from its guests as possible.

As before, the amazing food was shared with stories of past trips and the people who travel. We laughed, drank (water) and people watched, as did the Icelandic natives who found solace here too, on this cold, dismal evening on a day that will likely be just like tomorrow.

Good night from Reykjavik, sweet dreams to all.

The Equipment I Use In Iceland

On this trip to Iceland, I rented some new equipment; The Sony A7r with the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm zoom lens. It changed the way I made images on this trip and I knew that I would soon leave my two decades of Canon brand loyalty behind.



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