A Day at the Beach

Everyone Loves the Beach!

What’s not to love? The sand, the ocean, the sky, the… gale force winds, the 3-degree wind factor. Really. How can you go wrong visiting Iceland in the winter? Darn, I forgot my bathing suit. Seriously though, I really would rather be here than almost any other. I have been visiting Iceland and this very beach for the last 6 years or so, it’s always different, magical and mysterious. By the way, across the street from the N1, there’s a store that sells the warmest, most wonderful cotton socks I’ve ever owned. So when you go, stop by and get some of the best socks sold in Iceland, you won’t be sorry,

A Magnet Pull

For some strange reason, this ocean seems to be a magnet for cameras. Over the years, many photographers have been tempted, seduced by the holographic 3-dimensional ocean waves, drawing us closer and closer. A false sense of security, take one more step, just a little closer – ¬†like I was standing here when I made this image. Then BAM. A monster wave, she sees the camera, she can’t stand not having it in her icy grip, and her grabby, frigid fingers reach out and try to extract it from you, by dragging you further until you… hypnotically step right in. You’re soaked, it’s gone. Next.

That’s what she tried to do today, but I am now a little bit older, a little bit wiser, I know her tricks and her scheme, not me, not today. I get away with hardly a wet sock, still dry and warm, I snicker at her feminine¬†wiles, she just couldn’t have me.

But she smirked with a calm sense of resolution, I could feel it. And then her words, I heard them clear as day. “You’ll be back.”

She’s right. I will. I always come back and next year won’t be any different. Want to come along?

Along the way

On the way

Information on the equipment I use:

This image and all of the work in Iceland this year were made with the incredible Sony A7r mirrorless camera system with the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm zoom lens.



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