It’s Not About Me.

It’s Not About Me, I Know That

The world doesn’t know I exist, nature doesn’t care if I am cold. No, Nature is being nature and weather is too. It reminds me of the fragility of the physical being.

Abandoned Iceland Farm House in WinterHow much damage can happen from just Mother Nature being herself? Quite a bit if you are not prepared. ¬†And today, in the western part of Iceland, we had… Weather.

It was harsh, like freight train harsh, bearing down on us as we drove 10-year-old rental Jeep through the ice covered blacktops, single lane highways and one lane bridges. And for what?

The Empty Silo of an Abandoned Icelandic Farm House

The Empty Silo of an Abandoned Icelandic Farm House

Because there’s something to see, something beautiful, something different, something that wakes up a dormant but passionate part of me so I get to see myself from a different perspective. One that I love. I have been very lucky to be able to travel to this magical place, despite the cold, the driving winds and the ice storms. The weather is part of why it’s so beautiful. Never-the-less, it is hard to get around and dangerous to drive, but for me, it’s worth the discomfort, the risk and the money I spend to get here and make the time to visit.

Rebuilt ship

For 60 Years, this ship sat in the shipyard waiting to be rebuilt.

Maybe you would like to come to Iceland with me, I take small groups of passionate photographers to Iceland nearly every winter. If you travel with me, the accommodations will be sparse but comfortable, the lunches quick and easy, the dinners wonderful and warm. Think about it.

So that’s why I do it.

Because it’s the only way I know how to awake my strongest desire; To Create. And I do it to share with you too.

The Equipment I Use In Iceland

On this trip to Iceland, I rented some new equipment; The Sony A7r with the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm zoom lens. It changed the way I made images on this trip and I knew that I would soon leave my two decades of Canon brand loyalty behind.

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