The Elves of Iceland

They don’t always like being called Elves, some of them consider themselves Fairies. The Elves do not like to be compared to Santa’s Elves; because they are nothing like those little guys.

They have been here in Iceland for many centuries, arriving long ago to protect the ancient lava fields from being destroyed or exploited by modern society. They love the Icelandic people and are here to protect them and their way of life.

The Most Magical Moment

Sometimes, on unusual days like today, the waterfall betrays their invisible form, showing those who are looking closely, just how they look. They find it funny, that their frozen form can be seen by some humans. Look closely, you can see them all just enjoying life. There’s the Grande Elve himself, standing alone, to the right of his daughter and her husband.

In the top photo above, you can see the Elven priest blessing a new transformation to Evelenship, with his icy fingers on his head. There are others waiting to their blessings too.

There are children sleeping and the old master playing chess with a new Elve in the lower right hand of the above photo. They have a wonderful life, enjoying the world they get to protect and they take their work very seriously.

In this rare moment captured in ice majesty, they are just happy to live their lives completely undetected by most men and animals. Just don’t piss them off by destroying their fields or their churches, that’s not good for anyone to do.Icelandic Fairies-2

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Not all Icicles are Fairies or Elves, some are just Ice.

But to the trained eye of those who believe and love to dream about Elves, Fairies and other beings who we co-exist in this beautiful realm with, together, peacefully then sometimes they can show us all what lies just below the surface of this magical world.

Next time you come to Iceland, look carefully and see if you notice them watching us. Most ignore us, but some are playful and enjoy dropping elvish hints to lead us all to the way of The Elves. Take a closer look next time you are here, can you see them too?

Icelandic Fairies-3


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