It’s Only Rock and Roll and I Like It!

R&R Hall of Fame2-0276When the Rolling Stones sang those words, millions of people sang along. Our collective love of the best music ever produced, capturing the spirit and the values of an entire generation and birthed The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, opening in 1995 on the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland OH. It’s someplace I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit, so off we went, directly from Niagara Falls, as one of the several stops we made on our honeymoon.

The building is part art, part function and all about the music! The angular shapes certainly make a distinctive landmark. Standing alone, there’s actually no parking but about a block away public parking is provided, which I thought was odd for an attraction of this type.

Yet, once inside, the long walk in the brisk, fall weather was worth it.

Janice and her Mer-cedes-Benz…

It turns out, Janice Joplin may have wanted a Benz, but her ride of choice was a psychedelic Porsche. Her car was donated after her death and it’s here at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for everyone to enjoy.  It’s right there in the lobby and no… you can’t take it for a spin.

After you get past the lobby, you can tour some of the exhibits which consist of both personal artifacts as well as instruments, letters, magazine articles and movies highlighting the rich history of our past.

R&R Hall of Fame2-0248

The Excitement of The Past

One of my own favorite bands was Quicksilver Messenger Service who’s lead guitarist John Cipollina was a legend to many of us. This is his guitar set up which he developed on his own to create his own very distinctive sound.

R&R Hall of Fame4-2625Unfortunately, John died at the age of 45 and Quicksilver was never the same. But left for us his greatest gift: his music that will live in the hearts, minds and circulate on the internet forever and ever.

And what about Janice? She too has been memorialized in commercials, jingles and all of what she considered “establishment” when she was alive. Yet, even today when her music enters my space, I snap back to the 1970’s where I first discovered her incredible talent.

John and Janice, you are honored big time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and now part of my very soul. Your music will live forever in the hearts and minds of many generations to come.

Wish This Was Yours?

Guns and Roses- Jacket

Me too. Wearing a rock icon is too much excitement for me, but you can probably get on at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gift shop. Wow, love this jacket!

A Bucket List Item Fulfilled

For me, this was one of the places I wanted to visit and experience before I left this world for that great Camera Obscura in the sky, so I was delighted to share this with my new bride and loved the fun we had, the reminiscing we did about where we were, what we were doing, when the songs of our lives played on. If you love history and you love Rock and Roll, find a way to spend an afternoon at this amazing place. For a guy my age, having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s, this is like a monument to my most revered and cherished music heroes.

Classic Vinyl – SiriusXM Studios

SiriusXM Studio_

Day and Day out, I tune to one of my favorite radio shows in the sky. Lots of great Classic Rock 24/7 and at the end of most intros, the words I hear are “Broadcast Live from the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH from our studio at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here it is, the origin of my listening pleasure. Unfortunately, no one was actually broadcasting live that day, but I enjoyed seeing the SiriusXM Classic Vinyl studio all the same.

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All of my photographs are now shot with the Amazing Sony A7rII and two lenses: The Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm and the Sony/Zeiss FE 24-240 mm. They are solid metal, no plastic. Yes, they are heavier than Canon lenses, but optically they are stunning.  The Sony A7r series can accept other lenses of any make just by mating it with a small adapter, and I use other lenses from time to time. But when I travel and have to carry my system with my into the field, I use just those two lenses, and I have everything I need to explore the world around me.

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