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The Grist Mill - Sudbury, MA

The Grist Mill – Sudbury, MA

The first real snow in 2016 came on a Friday; a slow soft day of falling snow that started early and ran through most of the afternoon. It was a wet, heavy snow reflecting the unusually warm weather we’ve been enjoying this winter in the Boston area. It was about 3:30 when I decided it was time to venture out into the neighborhood and see what I could find.

I was never very good at finding interesting photography assignments around where I live. I love to travel and that’s when I feel most in the now and that’s how I have built most of my portfolio. But when it snows, and before the slush and muddy textures of urban living are imprinted on that newly fallen snow, that’s my favorite time. So that’s why I am here, now, doing this.

The Martha Mary Church Grounds - Sudbury, MA

The Martha Mary Church Grounds – Sudbury, MA

At first, all I could see was the whiteness of it all. Then, I started to notice how muted colors seemed to give this winter landscape a feel of transition. Could Spring be all that far away? As dusk settled in, the local guide post lamps clicked on and added yet another wonderful dimension to my mostly-white vision.

On the Wayside Inn property, just behind the summer outdoor staging.

On the Wayside Inn property, just behind the summer outdoor staging.

But something wonderful was happening, the sky is starting to clear and a burst of sun, cut through the clouds surgically, streaming into  discrete areas of the landscape and bathing it in warm, sunset radiance, completely unexpected.

Feb 2016-2

Now it seems that the sun was actually emerging from hiding to remind us all that snow is temporary, only here long enough to remind us humans to slow down, doing just that. Yet, when the time is right, we are rewarded with a tiny reminder of how powerful that yellow light can be.

My Backyard

My Backyard

Just as the water had seeped into my boots, just as my battery showed 2% capacity, just as the final dying shreds of daylight burst through the cloudy skies, I arrived home to find my own backyard sparkling with the gift of Winter and the promise of Spring, all at the same time.

Did you go outside when it snows just to appreciate the beauty of it all?

My Camera Bag:

All of my photographs are now shot with the Amazing Sony A7rII and two lenses: The Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm and the Sony/Zeiss FE 24-240 mm. They are solid metal, no plastic. Yes, they are heavier than Canon lenses but optically they are stunning.  The Sony A7r series can accept other lenses of any make just by mating it with a small adapter, and I use other lenses from time to time. But when I travel and have to carry my system with my into the field, I use just those two lenses, and I have everything I need to explore the world around me.

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