Wall Street, A New York Moment


A visit to NYC is not complete unless you visit the financial institutions that run the world. Here in NYC, downtown on Wall Street, there’s a massive, guarded enclave called The New York Stock Exchange. I asked a guard “Are there tours?” He replied; “They are thinking of opening it up again for tours, but not since 911” and shifted his glance to the car trying to sneak by. I didn’t know this, I wanted to go visit my money but it was not to be seen that day on a blustery February morning.

Trinity N

Yet, as I moved away from the entrance and looked up the street, I saw the church. Yes, the Trinity Church, the oldest church in New York, this Gothic Revival erection has stood firm since 1746. Yet the current church was built in 1790, the third one to appear on that lot since 1696 when Governor Fletcher approved the purchase of the land in Lower Manhattan by the Church of England for a new parish.

The New York Landmarks


Inside the Trinity Church, Wall Street, NYC

Inside the Trinity Church, Wall Street, NYC

I really love to photograph religious monuments. I think we need churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques to remind us we are more than our daily lives. When I go inside, I feel calm, no matter what the religion. I feel like I want to capture that calmness and take it with me, that’s why I love panoramas inside, where I can “capture” the entire experience in one frame.

Sometimes I have hours, sometimes just minutes, but I always leave with a memory, a photo, and a short story to tell. I don’t always make a donation, I think I will change that, I should, since I am taking something of value with me when I leave. Nothing from the physical universe, other than a few frozen photons I snatched with my camera, which happen to synchronize well with my stream of consciousness.

Trinity Inside-2

Luckily, most churches are open to the public most days of the week, to wander in and experience. If you are in NYC and want to visit the 911 memorial site, spend a few extra minutes and come by to see this beautiful building and sit still for a while, allow the peace to wash over you and look.

If you leave the church and walk west, you can also find some outdoor sculpture that can be confusing at first, because it’s so oddly out of place but welcoming all the same.

The Gear and The Software:

My photographs of New York this weekend were all shot hand-held at high ISO, mostly 6,400. Luckily I had the incredible Sony A7r along with my Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35 zoom lens, which seemed the best choice all around for the work I do. I also used MacPhun’s Creative Kit Software to reduce the noise which is inevitable when shooting at ISO 6400 and I used Topaz Texture Effects as well for “Inside Trinity Church” image.

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