Cambridge at Night

MIT Dome-3

It’s Saturday night and the weather is starting to warm, I hear about a lecture on night photography at MIT led by my friend Lance Keimig¬†who teaches the subject. I shoot over to Cambridge, MA and find myself a parking spot, I grab my camera bag and head for Rm-156 where the lecture is. It’s actually crowded inside the halls of MIT even at 6 at night. Lance is very knowledgeable, great slides and a lot of fun, now it’s time to venture outside.

Right outside 77 Massachusetts Ave, the entrance to MIT

Right outside 77 Massachusetts Ave, the entrance to MIT

I love this building, the stone columns, the iron doors, the marble entrance; all signs of longevity, of power and of knowledge. The sun is down, it’s a little cooler than the 51 degree reading on the thermometer, the wind is picking up. I don’t care, the skyline across from Cambridge is calling me. But on the way there, I stop to play in traffic.

MIT Visit-2

Of course, traffic is always fun for long exposures at night, this night there wasn’t as much westbound traffic as I had hoped, so I thought about other angles and instead decided to see how the Boston Skyline looks from the Cambridge side. It will be beautiful as it always is on a clear night, but tonight the sky is cloudy and I’m not getting stars. I love stars, but I am not leaving yet, I still have more exploring to do.

Boston Skyline

As you can see from the Cambridge side, Boston is all shiny and crackling with details easily observed from a nice distance. I’m always captivated by the city view even with no stars, it’s still beautiful. The colors are drowning in the Charles River while the Prudential Weather beacon flashes “all clear,” it’s a beautiful night to be out. I walk some more, I try to make a few panoramics, but I am not happy with how things are turning out, so I grab a chicken burrito at The MIT Student Center and decide to drive home.

MIT Visit-5

Yet, almost home I see a familiar site; The Gristmill is lit up like a Mass Pike 3-car accident and no one is there. That’s OK and I do the only thing I am driven to do, make a photo.¬†Quickly, my tripod is up, my camera is on, watching the traffic behind me, a clear 15 seconds is all I need. Boom, done. Home is only 8 minutes away, thinking about a hot cup of tea and a warm greeting from my wonderful wife.

The photos on this post were all made with the Sony A7rII Camera and the Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm zoom lens. All of my gear is safely transported in the Peak Design EveryDay Messenger Bag which is comfortable and makes to access my gear quick and simple, while keeping everything nice and dry in drizzly weather.

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