Abandoned, Forgotten and Evil

Belchertown Stairs

There’s something elegantly beautiful about the decayed and abandoned properties. It’s not just me, thousands of people seek out the decayed and abandoned, they visit at at great risk to their safety and health. Why? What is this fascination?

Moving slowly, cautiously through hallways littered with fallen ceiling tiles, wet from roofs long failed and rotting pulp, squishing under my feet as I move through the rusted, swinging wires and frames dangling in the hallway, in the dark.

It’s sensory overload. Once built with the fortitude and stamina of a medical facility, this school for the “feeble-minded” children operated from 1922 to 1992, before it was shut down. The horrors that transpired behind these walls were finally brought to light and when that happened, the decision was made. The school was closed, never to be opened again. While officially titled as a “school” nothing of the sort seemed to happen when they were still in operation.

Today, all that’s left is a campus of abandoned properties, fighting to keep their secrets under lock and key, balanced by the desire to be explored, and the back and forth tug between those who try to stop the flow and those who don’t. The visitors won’t stop, not until the bulldozers come and make rubble, they will still come. The explorers, the historians, the photographers who seek the beauty in the decay, it’s what we love. Unfortunately, doing this brings us to places of great despair.

And for those who are curious to explore the abandoned, do so with caution, it’s not just the dangers of life and limb, it the risk of prosecution as well. Is it worth the risk?

Can you imagine, living in this porcelain bedroom on a filthy mattress, rolling in excrement? Traveling through the halls of screaming children, writhing in pain and anguish, because it’s time for their bath?

Abandoned Tub
Nothing compared to forcing young, “feeble-minded” children into the scalding water of a “treatment tub” prepared to sedate and subdue those with their last remnants of humanity left, soon to be snuffed out by the vicious doctors who seemingly enjoyed their work.  The room spinning, the sound of the bubbling, boiling water, can you just imagine? Luckily and finally, the institution run by the depraved, to subdue the unfortunate, finally closed and gone for ever, but the truth can’t be hidden now, can it…

The tools of my trade

My camera and my keyboard; I photograph and I write about where I go. My Sony A7r2 has been my trusted instrument of revelation, the eye into my world is the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm zoom lens. I’ve also enrolled the help of Topaz Texture Effects to “enhance” my vision of the bedroom image above and Focus CK (available free on the right side of this post) to help create the swirl effect in the bath tub photo.

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