Vancouver Afternoon


I’ve been taking a lot of “business trips” lately. I have a camera with me most of the time. When I travel for business, I travel with only one body and one lens. So my tool belt is limited. This trip was no different, Just my Sony A7r and the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm lens, that’s it.

Meandering North on The Sea To Sky Highway.

A cheap rental car, a warm jacket and a few snacks, and I was on my way. The drive started with a lot of clouds but they started to lift as I made my way North, towards Whistler. I heard Whistler was a cool place to stop; it wasn’t. It was a large development with a lot of condos and stores; I was not in the mood. But along the way I was able to meander off the beaten path and find a few spots to rest my tripod.


Off in the distance, you can see the mountains which reflected nicely in the slightly rippled surface; the clouds were thick enough and the sun bright enough to bother setting up my tripod.

Vancouver Pier

Remnants of a shipping port, it’s hard to tell if this is still in operation but the sky, once again, drew me out of the car, even though the damp wind tried to get me to stay warm inside, Pandora blaring through the Bluetooth¬†connection inside the rental.


This time, the sky started to clear as the different layers of illumination flooded the furthest reaches of the other side of the lake. It was a tranquil spot to sit and watch.

Finally, it was time to go back to my hotel, and get ready for the next three intense days I knew would be headed my way.


As dusk crept up to seal the day shut, the mirrored liquid landscape reflected on that lazy afternoon, just as the sun slipped behind the horizon, exposing the afterglow of the full moon sky.

It was a nice day, I was glad I went for a drive, I found a little bit of heaven on an otherwise boring business trip and for that I am grateful.

You may notice that today’s post are almost exclusively panoramic images. I think the scenery demanded a wide, sweeping vista, so I simply complied with her wishes.

The top photo was processed in Topaz Texture Effects which helped me to show you more of what I felt, rather than what I saw with my eyes. The rest were simply processed normally in Adobe Lightroom CC.

Until next time….


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