Flying Over Scusset Beach, MA

There is something so magical about flying. All my life I’ve been fascinated with flight. As kids, we used to love flying fireworks that zoomed up into the air. I used to make believe I could see through the eyes of birds so I could see what they could see.

So when the DJI Phantom 2 Drone showed up on my door in late March of 2015, I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and into the air. I had to wait until Spring, but while waiting, I watched endless videos about my new toy and the adventures fellow drone pilots were having. Then it was my turn.


From 300 feet high: Scusset Beach, Cape Cod – Massachusetts – Notice the lifeguard chair in the lower left of the image.

Combining My Hobbies


Looking out over Buzzard’s Bay, Showing the Rally Field filled with our Motorhomes

Three years ago, my wife and I decided to buy a 40-foot motorhome, which we were very excited about having, we both love to travel. So when it was time to take my new Phantom 2 V3.0 out for a test flight, a real test flight, I waited until we were at Scusset Beach. I discovered that the 12 mpx HD camera on the Phantom Drone was not quite the camera that my Sony A7r would ever be, but it only weighs a few ounces and is optimized for video, yet still images are good as long as you don’t expect a lot of dynamic range. That leaves the best time to fly around dusk.


Everyone Gathering for the Fireworks on the Cape Cod Canal, Buzzard’s Bay, MA

I could write an entire blog post about how much fun it is to meet up with a group of other “campers” and get together for meals, do activities together and make a lot of new friends. But for me, the best part is that I get to visit new places so I can fly.

What was everyone waiting for? – This!

FireworksThis one is not from my drone, it’s shot on a tripod with my Sony A7r and my 24-240 mm Sony FE Zoom.

In that spot, I was able to catch the fireworks from 5 different townships across the Cape Cod coastline. It was a beautiful night, perfect weather, no wind and just a few light clouds. Wish you were there!

Note: The top image in this post was processed with MacPhun Intensify CK and you can get 10% off with the coupon code: LENSTRAVELER. The fireworks image was shot with my Sony A7r and the 24-240 Sony/Zeiss FE zoom.

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