Big Bend, Texas and the Lizard

Lizards are native to the Texas desert, I’m not. I’m native to Brooklyn, NY. So what’s this Brooklyn transplant to Boston, doing wandering the desert in the middle of the winter? It’s hot out here. I know, but I just wanted to see The Lizard.

The story goes that a giant Lizard lives west of Terlingua, Texas in the desert, just inside Big Bend National Park. I wanted to see The Lizard for myself, so I set out to find him.

Big Bend Desert

I bought a Lizard detector from the man standing outside the park, he told me that it would vibrate when The Lizard was near. Good thing I found him, otherwise I would never have had a chance of finding The Lizard. Suddenly, the small carved native cactus root started to vibrate, just like he told me. I stopped, I opened the car door. I carefully stepped outside the car looking for The Lizard. Nothing but a bright yellow top cactus.

Big Bend Desert-2The Lizard detector stopped vibrating, so I drove a little farther, hoping it would start again. As I move further away, I had a premonition that The Lizard knew I had come to visit, so I stopped again to look around. The tiny flowers at the top of the desert cactus were dead still, no wind. Unusual for this Texas desert.

Big Bend Desert-3But maybe I should look again, so I did. This time, I spotted the little bugger as I spun around, there he was! I watched as he scurried under the brush… I waited but I didn’t see him again and it was starting to get late.

Last stop, I had to try one more time. With my Lizard detector in one hand, my camera in the other hand, I walked deeper into the desert brush. The Lizard detector sprung into action, zip, zip! I saw him as he scurried deep under a root but I would not go after him. I won’t put my hand under that root. But there he was, I found him the legendary Lizard of Big Bend saw me, I think he smiled knowing that he can’t be caught.

Then I woke up and realized it was all a dream, it seemed so real. Then I checked my memory card and the photos from my camera, was it a dream? <smile>

All of the images on this page were shot with my Infrared converted Sony RX100 pocket camera.

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