Marlborough, MA Car Show

Not everyone appreciates old cars. Truth is, they are a pain to take care of and not so much fun to drive. They can be rough, uncomfortable and loud. But there’s no denying their place in history as a barometer of the styles and technology of their time. In the American car culture, there were many different brands of cars throughout the years and in some ways, those were some of the most beautiful, exciting and inspiring cars of our times.

Marlborough Cars-4

Take a close look at the cockpit, you would be rubbing shoulders with your passenger and looking through a split window made from glass that could shatter into thousands of knife-like splinters. But wouldn’t it be fun to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin?

Marlborough Cars

What a beautiful smile she has, look at those gleaming eyes, bright with color reflecting back the love of admiration shown every time one encounters her. Yes, she is a beautiful model with curves that could knock you out.

Marlborough Cars-2

Here’s a Chevy that I just couldn’t resist! I wandered through the entire show and still think this is one of the prettiest front ends I’ve seen. This is a face that even Jay Leno would love. Can you understand why?

Marlborough Cars-6

This was your father’s car if you are in your 50’s. It was like my father’s car too. The elegance of that huge chrome smile and the brilliance of those incandescent headlights were how we knew daddy was home. The rumble of that big V8 engine can be heard down the block as dad turned the corner, before announcing every night; “Daddy’s Home!”

Marlborough Cars-7

This Ford is nothing like the original factory model, yet the lines and finish and interior modifications come right from the heart; the love of those classic lines and nostalgic feelings reverberate throughout the years. Every last dollar went into rebuilding this beauty; damn the retirement account, it’s this object of desire that brings pleasure, joy and satisfaction like nothing else.

Marlborough Cars-5

And finally, as the last entry into this shameless display of car porn, no better than to end with the simplicity of white. Almost as if this final image ends this parade of beautiful bodies, like an orgasm of sorts, requires just one more gesture to end this missive. A moment of gratitude for all the effort the exhibitors have made, the elbow grease, the countless gallons of paint and polish, the broken budgets for that chrome air cleaner, I recognize your passion, and I am thankful for it.

Next year, once again, a new bevy of beauties will come to strut their stuff through the streets of Marlborough, MA. For the love of fat kids and dripping ice cream, screaming moms and hot dog vendors, I stand in quiet awe of your craft. I await your return to once again idolize your work and your possessions as each one of these amazing time capsules roll past my camera to be adored by me yet again.

All of the above images were shot with the Sony A7rII camera and the Sony A7r camera.One one body, I am using the Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm zoom and the Sigma 15mm F2.8 diagonal fisheye lens which is manual focus only. I love the circular distortion of this lens mated with its extreme sharpness at short distances.

All images on this page were processed with MacPhun’s Focus CK with is part of the Creative Kit suite of software. If you do decide to try it for yourself, you can get an extra 10% off with the code: LENSTRAVELER and you can use it for 30 days free on trial.

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