Jordan Revisited

Every so often, I will browse a catalog of my photos years after I made them. Last week I chose to revisit my 2012 trip to Jordan in the middle east. Besides the wonderful memories of the weeks I was away, I actually found several images I had skipped over and never processed when I originally made my first gallery. I thought it would be fun to show them here since I was surprised at what I found when I dug deeper into my thousands of photos to discover some hidden gems. I hope you agree!
Jordan Revisited-4
Wandering the Wadi Rum desert, I watched as the clouds selectively covered different elements of the landscape, when it passed over my head, I loved the way it made the landscape look. It was a beautiful sky.

Jordan Revisited-3

In a different part of the desert, the landscape changed again, the light shifted and became much softer as the sun dropped, and the natural colors of the stone and sand emerged.

Jordan Revisited-5

Inside the ancient lost city of Petra, the rooms were carved from the interiors of mountains, they were beautifully textured with a range of colors and shapes unimaginable and in some ways inconceivable to be a natural formation. There’s nothing like this place, everyone who loves this should visit.

And then finally, we headed back to Aman Jordan. But on the way, we spotted a huge tourist shop and I hung out looking at the incredible tile work.

Jordan Revisited-2

Without scale, you would have no idea how big this is, but it’s massive. I shot this panoramic of a wall that was more than 12 feet long! Besides the beautiful tile work, the stories told in the imagery are fascinating.

This was a journey of a lifetime for me. The Jordanian people were are beautiful inside as their country was outside. I real sadness leaving, I could have stayed another 2 weeks easily. I was traveling with a group led by Colby Brown of The Giving Lens. His trips are wonderful and I made friends on that trip that will be with my for life!

Most of the posts were processed with Aurora Pro which is the most expressive way I have yet to find when processing in High Dynamic Range. If you would like to try Aurora Pro yourself, use the link here to download a trial version and use the discount code: LENSTRAVELER to get an additional 10% off.

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