The Brimfield, MA Flea Market

Truthfully, I am not a fan of antiques. I don’t particularly enjoy walking through hundreds and hundreds of musty old furniture exhibits stretching for dozens of blocks while trying to stay cool in the 90-degree heat. For me, it was searching to find the few crafts and curio’s I thought were worth a photo. Brimfield has one other redeeming quality; The food stands. And in particular, Vinny’s Italian Sausage Stand. Smothered in grilled peppers and onions, with a bit of garlic, that gourmet Italian Sausage sitting on a fresh baked roll was too good to pass up, and I didn’t.

Vinny invited me back that night to take the photo of his awesome sausage stand which was polished clean with colored lights and shining stainless steel interior walls. It’s a real classic.


The Brimfield Flea Market is the oldest outdoor antique and collectibles market in the USA. Started in 1959 with just four vendors and over 5,000 dealers exhibiting at each event. Besides the usual old crap, there are some cool vendors like this one above, restoring old phonographs from the Edison era. Amazingly, they all worked.


How about some original artwork built from old chains and scrap metal. A pair of cheap sunglasses adds a retro-biker feel to Brimfield, not that it needed a lot of help. I thought it was wonderfully original! If I owned a saloon, I would have definitely snapped it up if I had a righteous place for it, a true Brimfield original!


While much of the exhibits seemed to focus on old American furniture, some international items stood out to me. This lovely lady from India was lovingly restored to her original beauty. She seemed to be calling out to the sweaty, shuffling crowds looking for a new home.


And finally, there were these cool things. Are they water pumps? Coffee grinders? Who knows but wow, they are pretty nice looking. Love the colors and the flowing iron work.

Two hours of wandering and one sausage sandwich later, I was ready to go back to our campground and chill out. I didn’t buy anything but I would have if I had liked something. But it was fun to walk around and meet some nice folks, see some cool stuff and enjoy a nice morning. If you have any interest in visiting Brimfield, MA and enjoying a day at the flea market,

All images were made with my Sony A7rII and my Sony 24-240mm Zoom lens.  The image of the Indian lady was edited with Focus CK from MacPhun Software in order to blur the background.


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