Mitch_PicCome with me on a tour of my visual world, travel with me throughout the cultures, eras, rich, poor, desolate, and bountiful as I try and find the magic in it all.

Welcome to My World.

Travel Photography is just my excuse to get out of town, visit crazy, exotic places, and make art. I love to photograph the amazing places on this planet. I’ve been doing this for the last 30 years, travel, photograph, exhibit, and print. First with my view camera, later with a digital SLR and now it doesn’t matter. I am about the images I make not so much the gear I carry. If anything, I continue to lighten the load and I no longer need all the crap I used to. As my vision clarified, as my desire for Epic Moments and places crystalized, I now know what I have to do, what I NEED to do to be in The Flow.

I need to photograph, I need to visualize, I need to see what is possible from the moment I stand still to the moment I click the shutter. If I could, I would travel and photograph full time but a loner I am not. Instead my passion is my outlet, my balance to a hectic life, which involves coaching, speaking and mentoring others. But when I can; I travel, I photograph and I immerse myself in cultures far and foreign from my own, because it’s from that viewpoint I see the world.

Mitch Russo,
I Travel, I photograph.

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