Capitol Connection

Is this the Stargate that transports people to different eras and different times? It may be when it’s not decorating the National Plaza in The Capitol – Washington, DC. Across from the Lincoln Monument and the reflecting pool, it sits innocently in plain site, possibly holding the key to the future of space and time […]

The National Cathedral, Washington DC

Our honeymoon was winding down; our last major stop would be The National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The night before we arrived, I plotted our path into the city to maximize our coverage in a short period. Our first stop would be the small cafe just outside the entrance. First impression; Amazing. I have been […]

The Luray Caverns, A Virginia Treasure

If I landed on another planet, I couldn’t have been more astounded by my first exposure to the incredible Luray Caverns in Luray Virginia. Welcome to Earth These caverns are supposedly more than 4 million years old and this one, in particular, was discovered in 1878 by accident. Cold air blew out a candle, that rushed […]

Cars, Cars, Cars!

Traveling by motorhome, day 18 of our honeymoon, we loved our nomadic experience as we made our way, place to place, one amazing stop at a time. After Memphis, TN we decided that we didn’t have enough time to make it to Las Vegas, so we decided to slowly start heading back home. I called […]

It’s Only Rock and Roll and I Like It!

When the Rolling Stones sang those words, millions of people sang along. Our collective love of the best music ever produced, capturing the spirit and the values of an entire generation and birthed The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, opening in 1995 on the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland OH. It’s someplace I’ve […]

The Memphis Shuffle

Arriving late on a Thursday evening, we drove our motorhome to a small RV park just outside Memphis. Actually, it was just over the line in Arkansas. It was like many RV parks in the area, clean, easy to get in and out of, yet not much in the way of family entertainment. Perfect. Just what […]

Fun at Niagara Falls

In September, I was married to my sweetheart Carol, after 4 years of being together. We had a very wonderful wedding and it was filled with laughter, family, and friends. A week later, we packed up our motorhome and headed North to visit Niagara Falls. What better spot for a honeymoon? And what better spot […]