A Rainy Day and a Tale of Night Skies

Last day in Iceland after a very productive week. There’s little to show you from today, it was a total washout. Too warm, too wet and too dreary to do much photography. Instead, just driving around and seeing what’s out there. I did make one image I thought might be worth showing.  It’s from a […]

Icelandic Sagas and Myths

Still no Northern Lights but at least this morning started with the most beautiful sunrise sky I’ve seen in a long time. When you get up in the morning to a day that starts like today did, you have to believe that it’s going to be a good day. And it was. Funny how a […]

Searching for Illuminations

As you know, one of my fascinations with Iceland is to view Aurora Borealis, which thus far has eluded us. The clouds are too thick and the rain more on than off. But last night was an exception, it was mostly clear so hope blossomed thinking that if it were to be, I wanted a beautiful foreground […]

Elves, Trolls, Hidden People and an Icy Land

The story says that Eve received a message that God was coming to visit her. So she spent the next 3 days scrubbing and cleaning, baking and cooking in preparation for His visit. At the last minute, Eve realized that her children were not cleaned up, so just before He came, she put them in […]

Water: Rain, Falls and Ocean

Today is a tale of how wet can it get. Now, don’t for one second think I didn’t know it would be wet, I did. In fact, the weather report was very direct. Tuesday = Rain.  So I don’t have to like it, right? Well, I don’t like it at all. But, because today was […]

Reykjavik Wanderings

This is my 3rd trip to this remote iceberg of a country where for a glorious 5 years the Icelandic stock market multiplied 9 times, while the U.S. stockmarket simply doubled. Since that fateful moment on October 6, 2008 when the rest of the world told Iceland “The jig is up” –  the currency and […]

Iceland 2011 Ready to be Viewed

When I set out to take this short 4 day trip to Iceland it was specifically to see The Aurora Borealis. When I first arrived, it was not looking good. We had severe rain and sleet/snow from the very first hour we were on the ground. Then, as the week progressed we experienced little “breaks” […]

Blizzards, Rain Storms, Snow Squalls & Locus – No Problem

The water was hostile, repelling visitors wanting it all for herself. The diamonds on the beach were too beautiful for anyone but the greedy ocean, clutching each one. Finally, she relented as we snatched the jewels from her very grip running for our lives being chased by her out stretched tentacles.

Light My Fire

Today or rather tonight was the night we finally saw Aurora Borealis. It was not the most spectacular display ever but I am no longer a virgin, it’s been done, I am exposed, I bet you too can remember when you lost your virginity, it was insanely confusing, you had mixed emotions, maybe even found […]

Icelandic Hot Dogs & Other Amazing Things.

Ron Rosenstock tells me that Icelandic hot dogs are amazing. I don’t like them, I think they are bland and boiled, they actually suck. And no, that was not the highlight of the day. I will tell you in a minute what that was, but I will start out tonight by saying that the rain […]