Jordan Revisited

Every so often, I will browse a catalog of my photos years after I made them. Last week I chose to revisit my 2012 trip to Jordan in the middle east. Besides the wonderful memories of the weeks I was away, I actually found several images I had skipped over and never processed when I […]

Jordan is Done

After 22 hours of travel and sleepless nights, I am finally home from Jordan and reflecting on all that I experienced in those 12 days away. I had a serious perspective shift from just being away from my life and my work, I had a chance to work with my camera again after months of […]

The Ancients

Before there was a United States, before there were separate countries dividing the middle east, before there was any form of transportation other than animal, there lived a thriving ancient culture in a place called Petra.  Up until it was discovered by the western world in 1812, it lay hidden, unreachable by any but the […]

The Museum

If you’ve ever been to Monument Valley in Utah, you know what it’s like to drive into the visitor’s center and catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful natural earth formations ever created. No one will deny the power of this place. Until today, I thought it was the only such place in […]

The Cleansing

Jordan is a desert country, dry and arid most of the year. Several time a year and if luck has it more than less, the cleansing takes place. Hard, pounding rains visit and unremittingly clear the physical debris, and calm the soul to make way for life. This was one of those days, our journey […]

The Awakenings

Note: This was written 5 days ago, but being out in the desert has left us all without interent and access. Also note that the images posted here are NOT final images, they are like sketches in a sketch book. The Portfolio for Jordan will contain my final work when it’s done. Rumor has it […]

“Welcome to Jordan”

My flights were long but uneventful. The sterile, highly secure space of the airline infrastructure ended abruptly as we left the airport to take taxi to our hotel. I met up with two other women who are also on this trip; Krystal and Heidi. Both were excited to be in Jordan and we exited the […]


As I sit here in the Air France terminal, waiting for my flight to Amman Jordan, I think about everything going on in the middle east right now. While it’s more than likely I will be safe in Jordan, it’s close enough to Israel to be a concern. Yet, I go for a different reason […]