Walking among the ghosts.

Night photography brings out different qualities in different people. For some, it’s the deep and dark colors of the sky and for others it’s the unusual possibilities of images not yet imagined.  But for those of us who are no longer walking this earth in bodies, it’s a chance to visit with the living and […]

Olmstead Point at Night; The Trees Come Out to Play

I wasn’t kidding when I said everything looks better at night. The only problem is that you have to stay up late to see it. I am tired and it’s early, but the time here is really worthwhile.  Because it takes so long to make an exposure; up to 12 minutes per frame and up […]

The Night Time View at Mono Lake

The weather here is like it was yesterday, hot all day and cool at night. It’s beautiful here and as I will show you, it’s even more beautiful at night. The sky glows with a reminder of the daylight, as the sun sets slowly over the Sierra Mountains. The winds protest at first then they […]

The daytime view at Mono Lake, CA

It’s nice to feel how hot the sun feels in the mid-morning as we wandered around the lake area.  It is windy and a lot of ripples on the surface of the lake water prevent reflections of the Tufa’s on the surface.  The Tufa’s are a natural formation which make this place so unique. You […]