Topaz Texture Effects Tutorial

Topaz Labs is a software development powerhouse when it comes to building awesome tools for photographers. They release something wonderful every 3 or 4 months. Their latest release: Topaz Texture Effects it is the most advanced product they ever made. Before you get nervous about learning a new “complex” program, spend a few minutes and I will […]

The Incredible Everyday Messenger Bag for Cameras

The Best Thing to Happen to Photography in a Long Time! I heard about this some months ago, a new camera bag being designed by Trey Ratcliff was about to be released in cooperation with Peak Design, who is already well known as a high-end player in the photo accessories space. They made a name […]

The Sony Generation

As a dedicated Canon shooter for the last 25 years and “digitally” since the Digital Rebel was released over 10 years ago, I have loved working with my Canon equipment. Every time a new upgrade is released, I can’t help but get it. The last major purchase for me was the Canon 5d MkIII and […]