Slovenia’s Grand Finale

Making the Last Day Count Today is the end of my excursion to Slovenia, I’ve been to many beautiful locations and traveled comfortably all the way. Sunrises were not always rewarding, but my first sunrise in Lake Bled was magnificent We were treated to a glorious, radiant, explosive view of the sun rising on Lake […]

Magical Ljubljana

My visit to Slovenia, Coming to an End And I plan to spend the next few days in Ljubljana, the Capitol of this great country. While most people are interested in the architecture, the food, and the culture, I prefer to find amazing places to photograph. Amazingly, most Americans have never heard of Ljubljana, after all why would […]

Ljubljana Street Art?

Hidden Messages in Plain Sight After 9 days of wandering through Ljubljana, I felt as if I were missing something the city was trying to say to me. I wanted to see the side of the city that probably wasn’t meant for tourists. Yes, there’s graffiti around town, and actually some of it is quite […]

Slovenia’s Tuscany

If Piran is a lot like Venice, then Eastern Slovenia is a lot like Tuscany. Imagine if you can, the feeling of walking down “The Wine Roads” through valleys and vineyards, touching family farms that have been there for over a two thousand years.  The beautiful vineyards of Ljutomer-Ormoz have been producing great wines for […]

The Ever Changing.

Exploring Slovenia From place to place, from time to time, the world changes around us. The world changes within us as well and as we look outward, we can connect with what we see inside. Today was the last day at Lake Bled and she left us with something to remember her by.  The Beauty of […]

Italian Envy, Slovenia Joy

A Day in the Country. Today, driving from Lake Bled to our next location provided ample opportunity to stop along the way. I never know in advance where we will stop, today was no different, but each place was a delightful reprise from a long drive. Constantly we are reminded how much the Italians and […]


While most people would consider rain uncomfortable, photographers know it’s actually exceptional for setting up conditions for incredible opportunities that come after the clearing starts. So it goes… Rain, clearing, amazing conditions, more rain, more clearing, you do the math. After the rain, everything looks electric when there’s just a little sun. Movie and TV […]

Enter Slovenia

Interesting that so few people have heard of this country; bordering Italy, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is very much a part of Europe without a lot of the attention from tourists flocking to Rome or Paris find on their bucket list. But like all of Europe, it’s secrets are easily concealed, it’s beauty immediately obvious […]