Chicago Blows And Other Strange Tales

They don’t call Chicago the windy city as in “wow, it’s really calm here” you know, like calling the fat guy “slim” – Nope that’s not why. It’s because it’s near-gale-force blowing most of the time I was here! But I love Chicago; the architectural showcase of America. My goal was simple, eat good food, […]

Greenland. The World’s Largest Island.

Day One. Leaving Iceland behind on a small commuter jet and heading westerly two time-zones and northerly up towards the arctic circle, we land at Kulusuk Airport. Miniscule by comparison to any other airport I’ve visited, it has a small gift shop where you can buy fur pelts and chocolate bars. Leaving the airport was […]

The Brimfield, MA Flea Market

Truthfully, I am not a fan of antiques. I don’t particularly enjoy walking through hundreds and hundreds of musty old furniture exhibits stretching for dozens of blocks while trying to stay cool in the 90-degree heat. For me, it was searching to find the few crafts and curio’s I thought were worth a photo. Brimfield has […]

Jordan Revisited

Every so often, I will browse a catalog of my photos years after I made them. Last week I chose to revisit my 2012 trip to Jordan in the middle east. Besides the wonderful memories of the weeks I was away, I actually found several images I had skipped over and never processed when I […]

Marlborough, MA Car Show

Not everyone appreciates old cars. Truth is, they are a pain to take care of and not so much fun to drive. They can be rough, uncomfortable and loud. But there’s no denying their place in history as a barometer of the styles and technology of their time. In the American car culture, there were […]

Review of Intensify CK

I have to admit; I am very impressed with the MacPhun product line. Their applications are well designed with a simple user interface and I can create some unique effects that I cannot create in Lightroom.  I find myself using their “Creative Kit” now for enhancing more than a few of my favorite images. Today, I […]

Review of MacPhun – Focus CK

In 2012, I purchased a “bundle” of a few useful applications for my MacBook, and one of the items in the bundle was a snazzy little product from MacPhun, called SnapHeal. It went unused for a little while, but I did decide to try it out to “erase” an object on a wall which was distracting. […]

Vancouver Afternoon

I’ve been taking a lot of “business trips” lately. I have a camera with me most of the time. When I travel for business, I travel with only one body and one lens. So my tool belt is limited. This trip was no different, Just my Sony A7r and the Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm lens, that’s it. […]

The Texas Night Sky Part Two

Happening upon a long dark road, down a twisted dusty bypass, a strange, unusual confluence of place and time, shift into a single event. When an abandoned phone booth and a fire hydrant ignite at once, with an eerie glow of supernatural origin, lasting only moments, maybe seconds, before they flicker back into the darkness, […]

The Dead of Terlingua, TX

Terlingua, TX Graveyard

It’s hard to believe that with an “official” population of only 58 people, there are so many who have passed away over the years in this tiny little Texas town of Terlingua, TX. After all, Terlingua is not much to look at most days, only in the late winter months are any visitors clamoring to […]