The Texas Night Sky Part One

There’s nothing like darkness. It’s not a thing, it’s an absence of a thing; light. I prefer to think of it as a canvas, a blank one at that. A night time canvas on which one can project great beauty, powerful movement and an almost unlimited range of colors and intensities. Tonight I stand with […]

Cambridge at Night

It’s Saturday night and the weather is starting to warm, I hear about a lecture on night photography at MIT led by my friend Lance Keimig who teaches the subject. I shoot over to Cambridge, MA and find myself a parking spot, I grab my camera bag and head for Rm-156 where the lecture is. It’s […]


February 2016 – It might hurt your neck, but if you don’t look up, you may be missing some of the most interesting visuals while wandering the streets of Manhattan. Not just the obvious skyscrapers, but those things most won’t notice. The intersection between concrete and sky, between evening and nightfall, between cracks in space that […]

A New York State of Mind

*** Star Date: February 20th, 2016 – Planet Earth – New York City Rumbling in on the Amtrak local from the outskirts of Boston, daughter and I arrive for a well-deserved and planned long weekend in my old home town; New York City.  I can’t tell ya I haven’t missed roaming around and hanging out with […]

Boston Winter in Color

In the early winter of 2014, we experienced something unusual even for Boston. There’s nothing like an early winter snow that transforms quickly into a clearing morning sky. That’s why we started out early, hoping to get a few photos showing the shimmering beauty of a new winter storm. Happy to see the sun and the […]

Boston Proper on A Gloomy Sunday

It’s cold in Boston mid-winter, sometimes it’s easier just to sit home and work on photos instead of going out and making new ones. But not today. Cold, rain and snow are in the forecast and yet I am out enjoying the City of Boston with my new friends from The Arcanum. Today I’m in […]

Abandoned Silk Mill

In September of 1957, about 80 people who worked at the Lonaconing Silk Mill discovered that the doors were locked; the mill had closed, never to reopen again. Everything inside; the remaining silk, bobbins, equipment and the personal possessions of those reporting to work that day would be sealed inside a time warped moment that […]

How I See

Death Valley Desert Mud

For my photographer friends, I’d like to share my thoughts and experience of How I See photographs. I find that when I carry a camera bag, I am actually “looking” for photographs. My mind seems to be running a different program than when I am out picking up my dry cleaning. When I am “looking,” […]

Suburban Heaven

The first real snow in 2016 came on a Friday; a slow soft day of falling snow that started early and ran through most of the afternoon. It was a wet, heavy snow reflecting the unusually warm weather we’ve been enjoying this winter in the Boston area. It was about 3:30 when I decided it […]

Capitol Connection

Is this the Stargate that transports people to different eras and different times? It may be when it’s not decorating the National Plaza in The Capitol – Washington, DC. Across from the Lincoln Monument and the reflecting pool, it sits innocently in plain site, possibly holding the key to the future of space and time […]