Review of Intensify CK

I have to admit; I am very impressed with the MacPhun product line. Their applications are well designed with a simple user interface and I can create some unique effects that I cannot create in Lightroom.  I find myself using their “Creative Kit” now for enhancing more than a few of my favorite images. Today, I […]

Review of Aurora Pro HDR

Iceland is a mysterious place of land and sea, light and dark, ice and fire. Today’s review of Aurora Pro started in February 2014 while walking along the coast in the town of Hofn while staying at the Hali Hotel. It was cold standing there as I watched the remnants of the sunset to the west. […]

Review of MacPhun – Focus CK

In 2012, I purchased a “bundle” of a few useful applications for my MacBook, and one of the items in the bundle was a snazzy little product from MacPhun, called SnapHeal. It went unused for a little while, but I did decide to try it out to “erase” an object on a wall which was distracting. […]

Topaz Texture Effects Tutorial

Topaz Labs is a software development powerhouse when it comes to building awesome tools for photographers. They release something wonderful every 3 or 4 months. Their latest release: Topaz Texture Effects it is the most advanced product they ever made. Before you get nervous about learning a new “complex” program, spend a few minutes and I will […]

The Orgasmic Qualities of the Neutral Density Filter

Before you go all PC on me, know that I mean it. Used the right way, a photograph with the “right” neutral density filter makes me quiver. It goes beyond a photograph, it’s actually a time lapse event all in one frame. It’s arrested sensations frozen in megapixels, oogled by many or just a few. […]

Finally, a Beginner’s Guide to HDR

If you have ever noticed the photography of Trey Ratcliff, Click here, or other photography you have admired, you may have realized that much of the outstanding work done today is with H.D.R. photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It’s probably why you are interested in getting started on your own. If so, you are in […]

Using Lightroom to Manage My Workflow.

Note: This tutorial was recently updated to include OS-X Lion and Lightroom 4.  Recently I had dinner with an entrepreneur who had an exciting new idea for a software service start-up.  He talked about how hard it was for photographers to manage their images. I was not surprised, thinking about my own quest for file […]

Setting up your Camera for Night Photography

NOTE: I have updated this tutorial after some years experimenting with the settings, as of January 2013. In this image, I photographed the landscape in a full moon, then began my series of exposures that later were “flattened” in Photoshop. I painted the tree trunk with my Surefire incandescent flashlight for several minutes. Each exposure […]