Night Photography Supplies

Creating Great Night Photos and the Supplies You Need

When you go out to photograph at night, you really will need to completely think through the type of night images you plan to make. Most of the time, I go out prepared for many different situations and that means I bring lots of stuff with me. These are the supplies I bring with me.

Abandoned Concrete FactoryMy goal is to make beautiful, memorable images and that is what I love to do. But sometimes you need a few tools and some imagination.

This image requires a low power white light flashlight and some colored gels. I set my camera to ISO 100 at F6.7 and then proceeded to move from one of those concrete slabs to another, shining a different colored light on each. It took several attempts to get it right, but when I did, I was thrilled with the results!

Keeping it Simple

Sometimes all you need is a red gel, a powerful flashlight and some patience.Night Photo_

I make this image at an abandoned concrete factory late one night and loved the way it came out. Also at ISO 100 and F6.7, this was a 10-minute exposure. I waited for the moon to go down, did my test exposures and then set up to make this simple image.

Yet, it required a steady hand for even lighting that didn’t splash outside the box.

See All The Supplies I Use HERE

At that same site, I continued to find interesting things to light and photograph.

Night Photo_-2As cold as it was, as late as it was, I was so thrilled to be out and making photos that night, I didn’t even feel tired! Give it a try, go out and have a sleepless, fun night making some great photographs! Just make sure you are prepared with the right tools and the right clothes!

See you out there…


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