The Last New Zealand Post

Leaving New Zealand On January 3rd, 2014, I set out with my friend Ron Rosenstock in the midst of a severe winter blizzard, that shut down the airport, to travel to New Zealand. Not knowing what to expect I traveled in mystery. I left knowing that I would photograph for 2 whole weeks, and that […]

The Story of Maori

What you are looking at is a pattern the size of a man, formed in the soil of the volcanic geyser field I came across today in my travels. The earliest Maori stories speak of a man named Ngatoroirangi, a tohunga (high priest) who guided the Te Arawa canoe to the land from Hawaiki, the […]

The Ancients

Before there was a United States, before there were separate countries dividing the middle east, before there was any form of transportation other than animal, there lived a thriving ancient culture in a place called Petra.  Up until it was discovered by the western world in 1812, it lay hidden, unreachable by any but the […]

The Museum

If you’ve ever been to Monument Valley in Utah, you know what it’s like to drive into the visitor’s center and catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful natural earth formations ever created. No one will deny the power of this place. Until today, I thought it was the only such place in […]

The Awakenings

Note: This was written 5 days ago, but being out in the desert has left us all without interent and access. Also note that the images posted here are NOT final images, they are like sketches in a sketch book. The Portfolio for Jordan will contain my final work when it’s done. Rumor has it […]

A walk in the woods and 1 more time at night.

This has been an incredible week for me, I have pushed myself to learn new skills and see new places. I have never been to any of the spots visited on this trip before and I have never had this much fun after dark. It’s Thursday and today is going to be different. I will […]

No one gets out of this jail.

Another hot, hot day here in the land of tourists. So many of us wandering around looking for somewhere. Not me, I know where I am going… I am going to Jail tonight. But before I tell you about my evening behind (and in front of) bars, I should tell you I am innocent. Yeah, […]

Walking among the ghosts.

Night photography brings out different qualities in different people. For some, it’s the deep and dark colors of the sky and for others it’s the unusual possibilities of images not yet imagined.  But for those of us who are no longer walking this earth in bodies, it’s a chance to visit with the living and […]

Olmstead Point at Night; The Trees Come Out to Play

I wasn’t kidding when I said everything looks better at night. The only problem is that you have to stay up late to see it. I am tired and it’s early, but the time here is really worthwhile.  Because it takes so long to make an exposure; up to 12 minutes per frame and up […]

The Night Time View at Mono Lake

The weather here is like it was yesterday, hot all day and cool at night. It’s beautiful here and as I will show you, it’s even more beautiful at night. The sky glows with a reminder of the daylight, as the sun sets slowly over the Sierra Mountains. The winds protest at first then they […]