Review of Intensify CK

I have to admit; I am very impressed with the MacPhun product line. Their applications are well designed with a simple user interface and I can create some unique effects that I cannot create in Lightroom.  I find myself using their “Creative Kit” now for enhancing more than a few of my favorite images. Today, I […]

The Texas Night Sky Part One

There’s nothing like darkness. It’s not a thing, it’s an absence of a thing; light. I prefer to think of it as a canvas, a blank one at that. A night time canvas on which one can project great beauty, powerful movement and an almost unlimited range of colors and intensities. Tonight I stand with […]

Abandoned, Forgotten and Evil

There’s something elegantly beautiful about the decayed and abandoned properties. It’s not just me, thousands of people seek out the decayed and abandoned, they visit at at great risk to their safety and health. Why? What is this fascination? Moving slowly, cautiously through hallways littered with fallen ceiling tiles, wet from roofs long failed and […]

Abandoned Silk Mill

In September of 1957, about 80 people who worked at the Lonaconing Silk Mill discovered that the doors were locked; the mill had closed, never to reopen again. Everything inside; the remaining silk, bobbins, equipment and the personal possessions of those reporting to work that day would be sealed inside a time warped moment that […]