Boston Winter in Color

In the early winter of 2014, we experienced something unusual even for Boston. There’s nothing like an early winter snow that transforms quickly into a clearing morning sky. That’s why we started out early, hoping to get a few photos showing the shimmering beauty of a new winter storm. Happy to see the sun and the […]

The Cleansing

Jordan is a desert country, dry and arid most of the year. Several time a year and if luck has it more than less, the cleansing takes place. Hard, pounding rains visit and unremittingly clear the physical debris, and calm the soul to make way for life. This was one of those days, our journey […]

Setting up your Camera for Night Photography

NOTE: I have updated this tutorial after some years experimenting with the settings, as of January 2013. In this image, I photographed the landscape in a full moon, then began my series of exposures that later were “flattened” in Photoshop. I painted the tree trunk with my Surefire incandescent flashlight for several minutes. Each exposure […]