Review of Aurora Pro HDR

Iceland is a mysterious place of land and sea, light and dark, ice and fire. Today’s review of Aurora Pro started in February 2014 while walking along the coast in the town of Hofn while staying at the Hali Hotel. It was cold standing there as I watched the remnants of the sunset to the west. […]

Finally, a Beginner’s Guide to HDR

If you have ever noticed the photography of Trey Ratcliff, Click here, or other photography you have admired, you may have realized that much of the outstanding work done today is with H.D.R. photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It’s probably why you are interested in getting started on your own. If so, you are in […]

My Iceland January 2013 Portfolio is Ready.

My last day in Iceland was in one sense, my most productive in that I made one particular image that is, in my opinion, the best of my trip. REMINDER: The images in these blog pages are sketches, low resolution versions and in many cases unfinished versions of what will be in the Portfolio when […]

The Museum

If you’ve ever been to Monument Valley in Utah, you know what it’s like to drive into the visitor’s center and catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful natural earth formations ever created. No one will deny the power of this place. Until today, I thought it was the only such place in […]

The Cleansing

Jordan is a desert country, dry and arid most of the year. Several time a year and if luck has it more than less, the cleansing takes place. Hard, pounding rains visit and unremittingly clear the physical debris, and calm the soul to make way for life. This was one of those days, our journey […]

The Awakenings

Note: This was written 5 days ago, but being out in the desert has left us all without interent and access. Also note that the images posted here are NOT final images, they are like sketches in a sketch book. The Portfolio for Jordan will contain my final work when it’s done. Rumor has it […]

Miami Skyline

It was hot and sticky, humidity was about 90%, that’s how it is in Miami. The kind of sticky that makes me want to sit down in an air-conditioned restaurant and just hang. But there are beautiful things to see and this was one of those moments to really see what was going on and […]

Reykjavik Wanderings

This is my 3rd trip to this remote iceberg of a country where for a glorious 5 years the Icelandic stock market multiplied 9 times, while the U.S. stockmarket simply doubled. Since that fateful moment on October 6, 2008 when the rest of the world told Iceland “The jig is up” –  the currency and […]

The Other Side of Vinalhaven

Forget trees, rocks, water, lobsters. It’s all a distraction to hide the real gems of this island, the stuff the locals want to keep for themselves. But as you’ll see in a minute, it’s a conspiracy that runs deeper than Russian Subs under the North Pole. Wait, it’s even bigger than that, it’s monumental, I […]

Makes You Smile

Vinalhaven, ME sunrise

Funny thing about the people from Vinalhaven, they are nice. Really nice. Everyone who passes someone else in a car, waves. If they pass on the street, they say hi. It’s about the friendliest place I’ve been in the U.S. True, in Scotland you’re likely to be invited in for tea, dinner or more just […]