When it’s Good, it’s Good, But When it’s Bad…..

Miles and miles of roads to nowhere, skies that never end and clouds that seem like heaven. That’s Iceland. What you can’t see and what affects us heavily on this trip is the wind. Forty MPH gusts and hard, constant winds make opening a car door a very dangerous experience. As I write this, the […]

Searching for Illuminations

Iceland Ice Cave

As you know, one of my fascinations with Iceland is to view Aurora Borealis, which thus far has eluded us. The clouds are too thick and the rain more on than off. But last night was an exception, it was mostly clear so hope blossomed thinking that if it were to be, I wanted a beautiful foreground […]

Elves, Trolls, Hidden People and an Icy Land

The story says that Eve received a message that God was coming to visit her. So she spent the next 3 days scrubbing and cleaning, baking and cooking in preparation for His visit. At the last minute, Eve realized that her children were not cleaned up, so just before He came, she put them in […]

Blizzards, Rain Storms, Snow Squalls & Locus – No Problem

The water was hostile, repelling visitors wanting it all for herself. The diamonds on the beach were too beautiful for anyone but the greedy ocean, clutching each one. Finally, she relented as we snatched the jewels from her very grip running for our lives being chased by her out stretched tentacles.