They Only Come Out at Night

They say that nothing is as it appears. While I never knew who “they” were, I can attest to the validity of that statement. Take this place, for example. One old and dilapidated train car discarded at the end of an abandoned road, in a town that doesn’t exist anymore. To most people, it’s just a […]

Leavin’ Las Vegas

Miles to Go! Let’s Start Early One of the few actual plans made before arriving in Las Vegas was a morning sunrise in The Valley of Fire en route to Death Valley. Leaving Las Vegas by 5:30 allowed us to arrive at Elephant Rock just in time to see the sun beginning to peek over […]

Chasin’ Light

The Unwanted, Dejected and Obsolete History of Las Vegas Michael, a successful professional photographer in his hometown of Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, had never been through the Southwest United States before. Our chance meeting at an event earlier this year became the genesis of this trip for both of us. After a quick airport reunion, we […]