A 24 Hour Holiday at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree and Stone

The Big Joshua Tree Visit After three grueling days standing at a six-foot table inside a hotel lobby, I was ready to be done with that part of the week and take some time with my friend Lisa Speakman, a fellow member of The Arcanum, who was about to pick me up at my hotel […]

They Only Come Out at Night

They say that nothing is as it appears. While I never knew who “they” were, I can attest to the validity of that statement. Take this place, for example. One old and dilapidated¬†train car discarded at the end of an abandoned road, in a town that doesn’t exist anymore. To most people, it’s just a […]

Rare Sightings in Obscure Places

Death Valley

I’ve been to most places in Death Valley National Park, but there are a few of which I never visited. One of those was the Race Track. Not available to those without a serious off-road vehicle and two and a half hours out on dirt roads, Michael became obsessed with making the trip. It wasn’t […]