The Last New Zealand Post

Leaving New Zealand On January 3rd, 2014, I set out with my friend Ron Rosenstock in the midst of a severe winter blizzard, that shut down the airport, to travel to New Zealand. Not knowing what to expect I traveled in mystery. I left knowing that I would photograph for 2 whole weeks, and that […]

Queenstown Stories

So a Hobbit walked into a bar…. No. There were three guys at the Prancing Pony and one disappeared…. No. Or how about a walk among the Ents? If you are not following me then you didn’t see The Lord of the Rings, which has blessed this country with an everlasting fame. Today I looked […]

You’d Never Know….

It was New Zealand. It’s just another beautiful place. I’m starting day 9 of a 15 day trip and I am noticing that my thoughts are more about being here than being home. It happened yesterday as I realized my mind was more focused on my surroundings than on my inner world. The inner world […]

To See

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of low flight through incredible landscape like these, and to see what is possible through the eyes of an infrared camera, it really is just so different. On Thursday, I had the privilege of being invited to take a 50-minute flight though in the Mt. Cook area […]

Matakatia Bay Beach

I don’t think I can say much more than the title of this post. When I arrived at Matakatia Bay Beach, with its black sands and ancient stones, I just couldn’t imagine how long this must have been here. It was the eternity that held my interest as I watched the surf roll in and […]

New Zealand and the Volcanoes

It’s no secret that much of this area is an active volcano zone which is part of the “ring of fire” throughout Asia. New Zealand is more active than people think. Today’s visit to Waimangu Volcanic Valley is one of the world’s newest geothermal systems, active for just around 100 years. The rich colors which […]

A Quiet Place, A Good Start

  I sometimes wonder why I start my trips with a visit to a church. I am not religious in that regard. I find they are always beautiful spaces and it always feels good to walk into any religious center and just feel the vibe. Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and forests work equally well. New Zealand […]


  Like escaping just as the police break in to raid the joint, I made it out of Boston the morning of January 3rd, after the worst blizzard of the year unfolded it’s fury on the entire east coast. Some would think I was lucky, blessed even as my friend Ron and I snuck away […]