The Texas Night Sky Part Two

Happening upon a long dark road, down a twisted dusty bypass, a strange, unusual confluence of place and time, shift into a single event. When an abandoned phone booth and a fire hydrant ignite at once, with an eerie glow of supernatural origin, lasting only moments, maybe seconds, before they flicker back into the darkness, […]

A New York State of Mind

*** Star Date: February 20th, 2016 – Planet Earth – New York City Rumbling in on the Amtrak local from the outskirts of Boston, daughter and I arrive for a well-deserved and planned long weekend in my old home town; New York City.  I can’t tell ya I haven’t missed roaming around and hanging out with […]

A 24 Hour Holiday at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree and Stone

The Big Joshua Tree Visit After three grueling days standing at a six-foot table inside a hotel lobby, I was ready to be done with that part of the week and take some time with my friend Lisa Speakman, a fellow member of The Arcanum, who was about to pick me up at my hotel […]

The Beauty of Stuff

I admire beauty is everything; the mountains, valleys, rivers, tufas, trees… the list is endless. This past night I added one more thing to my list of admirations. Stuff. Not abandoned stuff, but real, useful industrial stuff. I really didn’t see the beauty in it until I was there, at night. I did some research […]

They Only Come Out at Night

They say that nothing is as it appears. While I never knew who “they” were, I can attest to the validity of that statement. Take this place, for example. One old and dilapidated train car discarded at the end of an abandoned road, in a town that doesn’t exist anymore. To most people, it’s just a […]

Rare Sightings in Obscure Places

Death Valley

I’ve been to most places in Death Valley National Park, but there are a few of which I never visited. One of those was the Race Track. Not available to those without a serious off-road vehicle and two and a half hours out on dirt roads, Michael became obsessed with making the trip. It wasn’t […]

Searching for Illuminations

Iceland Ice Cave

As you know, one of my fascinations with Iceland is to view Aurora Borealis, which thus far has eluded us. The clouds are too thick and the rain more on than off. But last night was an exception, it was mostly clear so hope blossomed thinking that if it were to be, I wanted a beautiful foreground […]

Off to Vinalhaven, ME

Finally after a long hiatus from travel photography due to my dear friend Chet’s bout with Leukemia, I am off to a tiny island off the coast of Maine to see what I will find. For those of you who know me, I am traveling lighter than I usually do since night photography requires less […]

Tales from the Crypt

There’s a peculiar feeling I have walking through a graveyard at midnight, it’s not that death is all around me, no it’s more like life is infinite and takes many turns along the way, one of them is to a place like this. It’s beautiful and magical in a grave yard and the night time […]

Time to Get Dark

Sometimes everything comes together after a long journey and many attempts. Tonight was one of those nights and I will tell you why. Lets start with last night, it was a bust. A total waste or time, nothing, nada, zilch. Couldn’t make a single picture, too much damn wind. Even with the camera on the […]