Last Day in Orkney Sunday May 30th.

Decent weather greeted us today, overcast and cold, windy but no rain. Off to a slow start because we had to pack up and get everything in the van, so we left at about 11.  Our first stop was The Broch of Gurness Broch in a week filled with these historic sites and they were […]

Day 6 – Orkney Scotland May 29th 2010

We started the day with a laundry drop in Kirkwall and then wandered around until the Fiddler’s Festival started.  There are a few interesting places to photograph in town, the grave yard is unique with blue bells growing among the rusted iron gratings and some old growth trees that could be menacing in the night […]

Orkney, Scotland – Day 5

Like most days here in Scotland, the weather flips from rain to sun quickly.  It’s good to have 2 types of clothes with you while you travel. I had my rain pants on and my long johns in my camera bag just in case. Today’s itinerary  was different; we immediately left for a short ferry […]

Orkney Day 4 – A New Day in an Old Place

After being out until 2, spirit didn’t move me until 15 minutes before breakfast.  It was already raining so I started the day with long johns, paints and rain pants.  Ironically the whole day was rain free after that first downpour, go figure. We started at the Skatabrae Historical Exhibit and looked at more unearthed […]

Orkney Scotland Day 3

It’s Wednesday May 26th and it’s raining again but that doesn’t stop us since the rain has so far been a temporary thing. This morning our 1st stop is to a small church nearby called The Italian Refugee Church. It really is a bunker and it’s simply decorated inside with some beautiful ceiling art.  What […]

Orkney on Day 2

After being as cold as we were the previous night, we decided to make shopping our 1st stop today.  After a quick 30 minute stop in the town of Kirkwall, we had lunch at Helgi’s upstairs and prepared for the next activity which was a day at the beach.  We were off to Waukmill Bay […]