A Day in Reykjavik, Iceland

The Icelandic coast is beautiful for sure, but the European City of Reykjavik has many treasures to be explored, the Solfar Sun Voyager sits right on the city waterfront, making the spot where Vikings claim to have discovered and claimed Iceland for their own. It’s the middle of August, hot as hell back home in […]

Iceland in Winter

The Dismal City Every time I go to Iceland in the Winter, we start off in Reykjavik, the largest city in the country. It’s always dreary here, yet there’s a cosmopolitan atmosphere and an amazing array of gourmet restaurants. Yet even with the dollar as strong as it is, the prices are still high. But […]

My Iceland January 2013 Portfolio is Ready.

My last day in Iceland was in one sense, my most productive in that I made one particular image that is, in my opinion, the best of my trip. REMINDER: The images in these blog pages are sketches, low resolution versions and in many cases unfinished versions of what will be in the Portfolio when […]

Reykjavik Wanderings

This is my 3rd trip to this remote iceberg of a country where for a glorious 5 years the Icelandic stock market multiplied 9 times, while the U.S. stockmarket simply doubled. Since that fateful moment on October 6, 2008 when the rest of the world told Iceland “The jig is up” –  the currency and […]