Another Day at the Beach

No one except a photographer would consider today a beach day. We had the usual weather at the Black Sands Beach; low 30’s with stinging ice crystals, gusting winds to 40 MPH, you know the usual constant drizzle that keeps you soaked and spots your lens, thats what I am talk ing about. Oh my […]

Icelandic Sagas and Myths

Still no Northern Lights but at least this morning started with the most beautiful sunrise sky I’ve seen in a long time. When you get up in the morning to a day that starts like today did, you have to believe that it’s going to be a good day. And it was. Funny how a […]

Water: Rain, Falls and Ocean

Today is a tale of how wet can it get. Now, don’t for one second think I didn’t know it would be wet, I did. In fact, the weather report was very direct. Tuesday = Rain.  So I don’t have to like it, right? Well, I don’t like it at all. But, because today was […]